The online place for presenting my Music Productions.

I started making music when I was 12 Years (1989). Then I don't realy got in contact with Techno but with Rock / Pop and Greece Music. My father had this Bontempi Keyboard and I was trying to play some Music I liked (like Madonna, Bon Jovi, Depeche Mode, The Cure ... etc.).

At the edge of 15 Years I got my first guitar (Fender Stratocoaster Imitation) and I was learning like wild on this thing (I don't quite know how many times I changed the strings). One day (I think I was 16) a friend took me to a Rave. I found it amazing the big atmosphere the big sound. When I came home I bought a Midi Keyboard and plugged it into my PC (Pentium III, 256 MB Ram). I had this Sequenzer Programm (Micrologic, now its only available for Macintosh) and started trying out some techno sounds.

Years went by, Music Programs got bigger and better. My love for Musicproduction was still there but I had to plan first my future on my work. So my hobby was floating away.

Now I am married, 33 Years old have a sweet child (another is comin up on July ... ;)) and my love for making Music is still there. Finaly this is a first attemp to present myself on the big Internet and show you what kind of Music I am doing at the moment.

Because of the different influences I have, my Productions can be as different as Water and Fire. But I think that doesn't realy matter. What matters is that someone can hear the music is made with love and good quality.